The Daycare Search

26 Oct

Being a first time mother and all, I am new to the whole daycare world.
My daughter has been home with me for over 1 year, She is 14 months old and about to enter into daycare next week.
First I was semi clueless about how it’s all set up, until I searched about on the internet and ask other Mom friend’s of mine..
Well first’s expensive! I am sure it all depends on the location, if it’s a speciality daycare, and all those factors.. but yeah it adds up.
but the social benefits are worth it all… for my daughter to socialize and develop her ‘people’ skills is important to me.. and reaching an age where She is starting to understand the world around her, it’s a perfect time. The time She spent at home with me was not sheltered by any means.. we are members at our local library and take weekly ‘Lap Sit” classes, we are members at Kidville and She frequently takes classes there but prefers their Play Space, which is a gym where kids can roam free.
The benefits of attending a daily routine with the same kids and a teacher is great and I can’t wait to see how She developes over 3 months time. I will keep updating as things go along. My only concerns at this time are her meals at the daycare. At the house She can sit in her high chair and has me heat up food, feed her, the whole deal. But I know in her “Walkers Class” they are teaching the kids to sit in little chairs and have lunch at a communal table.. I am sure this will take time, for all the kids to master. So really my only ordeal is what the heck do I pack for a 14 month old who doesn’t know how to use utensils yet and is pretty picky?  Oh and no nuts or  meat products aloud! So this is my recent search on google.. “Toddler daycare lunches” I have gotten some good ideas but I guess time will tell and it will be trial and error.

Wish us luck, November 1st is her 1st Day!




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