Name Bubbles

27 Oct

My daughter will be starting Daycare in 5 days so I have been preparing the list that I was given from the school.  And before I buy any school essentials I google what other Mother’s have done and their suggestions. The best lunch boxes, clothes the kids should wear during school, shoes that are easy on easy off, what to pack in your little ones lunch each day.. all that fun stuff…
So I started doing some research on name tags. As I was told, her name has to be on everything. I mean EVERYTHING, down to the tags on her clothing!  So what do you do? Whip the sharpie out and start going to town? Well I’m not really into that.. what if I want to hand the clothes down to another child? So I found a great solution…Name Bubbles!

Personalized stickers.

Dishwasher proof, washing machine/dryer proof, water proof, and they are really strong so my little one can’t pull it off. I bought the “Daycare ” package which came with 3 books of stickers.

Check it out–>

The round ones are for the small tags in shirts and pants.

Head to their site to start personalizing your own sticker kit for your kids!


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