My First Cooking Class!

5 Nov

I have been on a cooking kick lately, I have always enjoyed cooking & baking but never had much time. I was always was on the go, travelling, working, working out, and having fun… with all that who has time to cook! Well now that life is a bit different.. I can devote some of my time to cooking and perfecting my culinary skills. So I enrolled in a cooking class. Actually I won a class online, and since then have set up other classes. My upcoming class is next weekend with my Mom & Brother, I’ll be sure to post photos, It’s a Mexican inspired class!

The class I took last night was in Brooklyn at a Culinary and Herb Center called- Ger-Nis. The class was all about how to cook with Winter Squash. Something I never really cooked with, but the health benefits are amazing and it’s worth it to get to know some squash.

Some of the recipes that we made included; Delicata Squash with Garlic and Herbs, Ginger Squash Cake, & Acorn Squash Quesadilla.. and a few more. They were all pretty tasty and I was introduced to some fruits and veggies I normally would never cook with.. like Tomatillos! I never used them in cooking and we made a great Salsa from them.. It was AMAZING! So refreshing and not too spicy, really good.

If your interest in any of the recipes email me and I will be happy to share! The Acorn Squash Quesadillas with Tomatilla Salsa was out of this world.. I recommend you try!


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