How to feed a Toddler.

11 Nov

With out losing your mind!

After my daughter graduated from the bottle to table food, I came to a point where I was frazzled with what to feed her.  Yes, at first its jared baby food, but slowly you introduce solids.. that’s when it can get tricky.
First… She’s a toddler, so that means she is picky and doesn’t always like what I try to feed her. Also at her age (15 months) she still can’t have everything under the sun.. and I want to be selective with what she eats, we all should with our children and ourselves! Mainly I stick with organic foods and snacks but I see myself getting into a weekly routine of the same old foods over and over, because I know that’s what she will eat.
Recently it’s been, Macaroni and Cheese, cereal,  yogurt, mashed banana, spaghetti, and these organic vanilla snacks. So It was a relief when I came across this site:  Weelicious

Which gives you ideas and tips for feeding the wee ones and making it fun in the process for them and less stress on you! Also they have some tips on healthy eating for yourself and making baby food!


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