Winter Must Haves

23 Nov

These aren’t must haves for everyone… but I know they help me get through dry, cold, evil winters… As you can tell I am not such a fan of the cold! A few items and tricks that keep you looking and feeling your best.

1. Electric Blanket!
I never in my life thought I would buy an electric blanket, I heard stories of them being unsafe and old-fashioned.. but they now have really nice plush micro-fiber throws! I bought a purple throw that doesn’t take up tons of space (or look like a 1970s crusty blanket) and is perfect for cold nights or even if you have an achy back.. I’m in my 6th month of pregnancy, so there is many nights when I get into bed and my lower back is killing me. Just imagine 3 more months to go! I roll the blanket up and tuck it behind my back, instant relief!

2. Paraffin Bath
Washing dishes, changing diapers, constantly sanitizing my hands, then the cold weather and dry heat… all leads to dry, cracked hands. The paraffin bath is the best at home spa treatment. Just dip let dry then re-dip, the heat itself helps moisturize your hands (or elbows or feet, what ever you can fit in there!) and also if you are arthritic it does wonders. I do it once or twice a day, it’s super easy to use!

3. Expensive Neutral Scarf
It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, but since I do wear this one scarf religiously all through the winter, I make sure to get something very soft and well made.I go for the black cashmere Neman Marcus scarf , and pretty much wear it all the time. Even in the house. It’s so comfortable and light weight you hardly notice you’re wearing it. But Cream, White, Grey are all nice and neutral so you can wear everyday and still match.

4. Sugar Scrub
Another helper with dry skin. I use Lavender Sugar Scrub all year round, but it does help out with the winter dryness. Once a week after a bath, scrub down with a nice sugar scrub, it will sloth off all the dry skin and give you fresh new skin. Included in the scrub is oils and glycerin which help add moisture back to your skin. After you rinse off you will see how shimmery and supple your skin will look and feel! I have become such an addict of Sugar Scrub I started to make my own! Here is my Sugar Scrub  “Recipe”  :
-White Sugar
-Extra Virgin Olive Oil
-Vitamin E Oil  – Small amount
-Vegetable glycerin  (I purchased mine at Whole Foods from Heritage Products)
-Jojoba Oil – Small amount
-Essential Oil – Lavender, lemon, Rose, whatever scent or feeling you are going after) 10-15 drops

Mix all together in a glass jar or nice high quality plastic container, I use a plastic container that used to hold Bath and Body Works Sugar Scrub.

Here is a link as well with step by step instructions… they do it a bit differently than I, but what ever suits you! Sugar Scrub Video
(PS- Don’t use baby oil! It’s not as good for your skin as EV Olive Oil)

5. Super Rich Face Cream/Serum
Not everyone needs to go super rich, especially if you already have oily or acneic skin, you don’t want to over do it and produce more oil which then leads to more breakouts. But even for those with oily skin and breakouts you need a little more power to your face cream during the winter. I go for face creams with anti-redness, since I am not as tan as usual and I get semi red in the winter. Also with pregnancy I don’t get that all amazing glow.. I just look like a tomato. I use a Serum first, then a really nice face cream over, one for night and one for day. The night is a little heavier to really give my skin some rest and soothing elements while I sleep. Be sure to invest in a great face cream, a little goes a long way  and it can last you all winter!


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