Awesome Product

5 Dec

I love to review products… and I am always on the hunt for the best deal and cool new thing… This is not so much new, but it can be a life saver!

The Lise Watier Model Portfolio Concealer Wheel, a must in any make up junky’s bag.

So this concealer….first off its hard to get. Not that I know of, but in the US you can’t buy it in any store. I had to find mine from a seller on eBay… but I know this brand is easier to get in Canada.

It is a GOOD concealer. It’s super thick and will cover any blemishes, under eye circle for sure. But it does has a problem, the problem I find with all heavy-duty concealers that are thick as anything – its TOO dry, its TOO cakey. So the solution? Take a  hairdryer and warm it up. Take note, I don’t wear makeup everyday of my life, especially concealer.. which is only for special events or photo shoot, when you know you will be in front of a camera allot. So sitting there with a blow dryer for 2 minutes is no biggy since it’s not apart of my daily routine.

You get a guide with the concealer wheel –

Redness: Green + Ivory (for pale skin)

Green + Ivory + Beige (for medium skin tones)

Green + Beige (for tan skin)

Green + Beige + Brown (for darker skin tones)

Under-eye circles: Lavender + Brown (for brown circles)

Beige (for blue circles)

Green + Ivory + Beige (for mauve circles [with more red)

Good Luck!


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