Updating and Upkeep on your Makeup Brushes

15 Dec

I recently invested in top of the line brushes… I always had an array of different brands and still sorta do, but I came across a brand that I like better than my faithful go to MAC brushes… Sigma Brushes. Great quality and at a good price point. Not all sigma brushes are amazing, but there is definitely a few you need in your collection.











Here is a link to Makeup Alley.com,one of my favorite beauty sites. It’s all based on reviews, so if you are considering buying the new La Mer eye cream and throwing down over $100, it’s worth to hear what real customers have to say about the product before you buy. The link  above is to the Sigma Brushes reviews.

Also always remember to clean your brushes as well! If you use them daily and you care about your skin it’s a must!
A trick I was taught by another make artist, use Olive Oil and dish soap.

The Olive Oil helps keeps the bristles from drying out and the dish soap cleanses and disinfects them, unlike baby shampoo.

-Pour both onto a small plate or bowl and swirl you brushes one by one into the two ingredients.
-Then run the brushes under cool water and help push the color and makeup out of the brush gently.
-Dry upside down in a cup with a folded up paper towel placed on the bottom and use brush guards (find on Amazon) on each brush to keep the brush bristles from hitting the bottom. Drying upside down helps the water run down into the cup instead of down onto your brushes which will loosen the glue over time making your brushes shed.

The next day they should be sparkly clean!


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