Aerial Workout

23 Dec

After  seeing Zumanity in Vegas, I fell in love with one performers act. It was a blonde, curly haired woman who did the Aerial Arts part. It was AMAZING! Not just amazing but super sexy and I am sure a kick ass workout. If you haven’t seen Zumanity.. too bad! It was a great, great show… called the ” The Sensual Side of Cirque du Soleil” pretty much a whole show about Sex. Only in Vegas baby.
I love the gym and working out.. so I am always looking for a new challenge and something to learn! I have been on a belly dancing kick lately, but I need something a bit more extreme.  So you can see where this is going…. At the moment I am pregos so, no extreme anything is happening here but my waist line – booo…. but that just gives me all the more incentive to get my booty back in the gym and kicking some butt! Aerial Arts is also called Chinese silk ribbon performances, Aerial Yoga or Antigravity Yoga.

I start classes this summer at The Philadelphia School of Circus Arts and I can’t wait! Check it out! I know it’s going to be hard.. especially since I have been out of the gym for 5-6 months now, but I’m so excited!

I am going to make my husband set up a Aerial ‘area’  in my basement so I can practice at home as well… I’m sure he will have no problem with that. Better than a stripper pole in the house! haha… Yes, I requested that once, but got a big NO. It’s good exercise too! I tried to explain that to him, but he was not buying it….

Look at this cool gym you can set up at home, so you don’t damage your walls/ceiling… if you prefer to climb and do more flips then you will need to hang the silks from the ceiling. I like the gym idea, but I want to be free to move about and flip.

Wish me Luck!


One Response to “Aerial Workout”

  1. Ju December 23, 2010 at 4:18 pm #

    Love it! I saw Zumanity too. All Cirque du Soliel shows have that aerial show. Its amazing. They have different people do that aerial act in every show. So no one show is the same!

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