You Tube Obsessions

23 Dec

I love You Tube tutorials! I could be in the middle of cooking… and not know how to… say… quarter a chicken, haha! It’s true it happens to me. So I just grab my iPad and watch a You Tube Vid, and viola!  I have a few subscriptions on You Tube that I always check for new videos, because they are so helpful, and they are actually good quality! (There is allot of crap on You Tube)

Here are a few of my favs.. from all different categories:

Make Up Tutorials:
Michelle Phan– She’s the bomb! I can’t see myself doing some of the makeup that She does.. like Sailor Moon.. yeah not so much my everyday look, but it’s still nice to watch.. She makes great videos and there are a few that are super useful! She got me into Sigma brushes.. and stippling! Check her out.
Michelle Phan You Tube

Cooking Tutorials:
Cooking with Alia– Moroccan cooking at it’s best! If your interested in cooking with a Tagine, middle eastern spices etc.. check her out.. I have made a few of her dishes, it’s really not hard at all! And her Grandmother is awesome! I love when She brings her on 🙂
Alia You Tube

Dede Med– Mediterranean cooking..Falafel, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Hummus and more.. I made a bunch of her stuff, and sometimes add my own twist.
Dede Med You Tube

There is a ton more that I’m addicted to! I will add more soon and send me any Channels worth checking out!


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