Ettika Jewelry

27 Dec

A few years back I was in Vegas at a convention, I would go 2 times a year, once in February and once in August for a show called PROJECT. Anyway… while cruising the booths and checking out new brands, I came across a jewelry line called Ettika. Being Jewish and all, the Hamsa’s and Star of David bracelets caught my eye. At the time there wasn’t much of that on the market. The line was well executed and had a really nice polished look to it. Then the trend hit and everybody was jumping on it, and still is.. the Hamsa, Evil Eye, Kabbala type deal… in the beginning it was great to be able to find these at Kitson, online, and at every boutique store in LA, Miami, and NYC… but now there over doing it. We got it, we bought it, it’s cool… I now own maybe 15-20 of these types of pieces or more…

Sooo back to Ettika… I was reading Shape Mag recently and saw some really cool bangles, and by guess who? Yup…after 3-4 years of hard work their name is out there and not just for the Hamsa trend but they have much more than that going on.

Check out these cool bangles.. I just got one that says “Love me, Kiss me, Hug me, I’m yours to Keep” cute huh?

Or if you are more daring you can go for the “So What if I am a Gold Digger”
Whatever floats your boat. Lots more to offer on the site!


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