Toddler Teething

27 Dec

After the first initial teething hump…you breath a sigh of relief. Finally able to see small pearly white tips popping up from your frustrated infants gums. All the frozen ice rings, rosy cheeks, and sleepless night were worth it. Time to move on..right? Not so fast. Be ready for round 2. Toddler teething.
There is good news and bad news when it comes to a teething toddler. The bad news is that the teeth children struggle most with, those that generally appear between the thirteenth and nineteenth month of age, are the largest in surface area and therefore among the most painful. Wait, remember I told you there’s good news. The good news is that now your child is likely old enough to communicate to you what’s wrong—that it’s his or her teeth that are causing the pain and general grouchiness. Sometimes.
My little one is 16 months old and still isn’t able to fully communicate with me what is bothering her… After her biting of the top of her sippy cup I got it.
It’s important to note that the same soothers that worked for your teething baby may not be safe or appropriate for a toddler. For example, an older baby with newfound strength could bite right through a traditional, liquid-filled teething ring. But here’s more good news: Most toddler teethers are old enough to improvise ways to soothe themselves. In our house it’s chewing on books. Not the kind of improv I was looking for, so we learned to clear out the good books, you never know when she gets the urge to chew!
After the two-year molars make their appearance, teeth generally take a “rest” for a few years, until the six-year molars and other permanent teeth start doing their thing, sometimes bringing with them memories of the moodiness and other side effects your child went though as a baby and toddler teether.

Good Luck! Remember all these little struggles are worth it 🙂  Enjoy every stage with your baby as she or he grows into Toddler-hood then into Pre-school-hood! It goes fast… so even the ‘tough’ times are apart of the process. Just give them as much love as possible and always, always, always be patient!


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