Lighthearted Books for Mothers

29 Dec

I am a avid reader.. whether it’s books on Religion, Childcare, Cooking, or Business Ideas… If someone recommends a book to me, more times than not I pick it up. I was recently on a cook book kick and was devouring books on cooking tips, tricks and ideas.I recently just bought a few books geared towards mothers and motherhood. Not the typical parenting books, but books that make you laugh, feel like a woman, help show you a balance  between you as a person and you as a Mother… There is a TON out there!  If you are a new Mother or a Mother of 5 sometimes it’s good to pick up a light-hearted book, by Mother’s just like you telling it how it is.

A few of my Favs are:

Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth About Pregnancy and Childbirth–  More for the Pregnant New Mom, but it’s hilarious! Written by Jenny McCarthy
This book made me literally laugh out loud.. my husband would look over at me like I was a nut! Not really any scientific facts here, just a womans perspective of pregnancy and all that goes with it, the good the bad the ugly. Funny Book!

Life Laughs: The Naked Truth about Motherhood, Marriage, and Moving OnAlso by Jenny McCarthy, not as good as Belly Laughs but the next stage in her books… Having the baby, relationship between you and your husband, and balancing it all… Cute & Funny

If You Give a Mom a Martini: 100 Ways to Find 10 Blissful Minutes for Yourself–  Tips on finding 10 minutes to yourself. All about the balancing act, and making sure you give back to yourself so you can be a better Mother to your children. It’s true! If you neglect yourself in a way your neglecting your children! If you feel calm, relaxed, centered and positive your kids and husband all feel your energy. It is definitely intended to make life easier for all the stressed-out moms who juggle work, play, marriage, kids, household chores, PTA meetings, dance classes, and the list goes on and on. This damn book made me buy a Bedazzler!  No Joke!

There is a ton more, go to Amazon and read all the reviews to find what fits you!


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