12 Jan

When I wad 16 I traveled to London for my Spring Break, it was a great trip. Museums, beautiful gardens, lots of walking around, and of corse shopping! I came across a soap store called “Lush Cosmetics” I really thought it was interesting. Everything freshly made, the smells were amazing, and the ingredients simple and pure. They even had the date the product was made on the product insuring you got the freshest ingredients. Pretty cool… Not something we had back in the states. Well at my age, 16….I was not really in the income bracket to spend $8 per soap and $20 something for shampoo…so It was a bit out of my reach for some time. Also it was not yet in the states. Well years later, my Lush obsession has come back! Great easy to use website, tons of brick and mortar locations, Make it all that accessible.
In these chilly, dry, yucky winter months I order a big box of Bath Bars. A mix variety every time. After a bath using their Bath Bars your skin feels so silky and smooth it’s amazing! Not to mention the outrageous smells it fills your bathroom with and the smell lingers on your skin for hours afterwards. Definitely my new Lush obsession.
It’s similar to their Bath Bombs, but no fizzing and a little more luxurious and moisturizing.
I decided to buy my daughter shampoo and conditioner from Lush as well.. All natural, no parabens, no additives, just pure and simple ingredients. For a sensitive toddler I think it’s perfect.

If you haven’t tried Lush, I highly recommend it! Start off small, maybe a Bath Bomb or Bath Bar… Check out their site and see others rating to pick the best smell/feeling for you. They also offer face masks, super cute gift boxes, men’s products, face lotions, and tons more.
All their products are handmade and 100% vegetarian, there is no animal testing, and most impressively they have greatly reduced, and some cases totally eliminated packaging. Eco-Friendly and Posh! ❤

Good Luck and Happy bathing! 🙂


PS- I used to own an Organic Soap Company called Buba Soap… I imported the soap from Israel. I had a small kiosk in the mall… so you can tell how much I love natural bath products! My little Kiosk was peanuts next to Lush but it was still my little baby!


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