Oh You Fancy Huh?

22 Jan

Yeah, actually I am Fancy!
Just a quick product review. I have a slight obsession with nail art and pretty much anything upcoming in the “Nail World”….Well, I came across a Sally Hansen product recently in Duane Reed. Called Sally Hansen Salon Effects.

Salon Effects are real nail polish strips with adhesive backing that allows you to peel, lay them on your nails, file off the excess and go. If you are thinking of Minx, you’re right. The differences being that you can apply these yourself, no heat is needed and you’ll have about 40 bucks more in your pocket with Sally’s (I paid $10)

I definitely was most drawn to my chosen pattern; the 70ish looking flower power design. Cute, colorful and can go with an array of nail polishes. I found the printing on some of the other patterns to be kind of shoddy. But my next purchase will be the neons; bright, pure, streakless neons. Imagine!

The only negative, you have to be patient putting these suckers on, use the wooden stick to really make sure all the sticker is down and secure around your cuticles. But once on they are really cute and do last. I am always in water so my usual mani last me only 2-3 days max. Salon Effects stayed put for about 5 days for me, then slowly started peeling at the tips. Another negative is to get them off you use nail polish remover, but it took forev!

I would apply them again but not as my weekly manicure. Maybe once a month for some pizaz.

Good Luck and Get Beautiful!


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