Soho Shopping

26 Feb

If there is one thing I love, it’s shopping in Soho. I haven’t gone in a long while due to this nasty winter. So I have been hitting up my fav online boutiques instead. (hello000 NASTY!) Anyway the weather will soon be warming up and I can get out to my favorite spots. It’s always fun to make a day out of it. I usually start with a Mani-Pedi at Valley, and get super cute 3D Nail art done, then head out for  some shopping making a pit stop for a outside lunch/drink..(can’t forget the drinks! mmmm Sangria) and ending it with a yummy treat at a high end chocolatier or candy shop. Soho days are the best days! And if I am in the mood for hunting down the deals I head over to Canal and bargain my way at all the little booths.

Here are a few Boutiques/Shops worth hitting up:
(There are TONs more but it’s all up to your taste and you never know what you will stumble upon roaming the streets)

Sabon– It’s a high end soap brand from Israel, I always buy it when I am visiting the Holy Land, but if you are not going to be making it there anytime soon, it’s worth checking out! Excellent handmade soap, smells amazing and is elegantly packaged. Great Gifts!

Seven New York– Women’s and Men’s Clothing. Outrageously ridiculous and beautiful collections. And Outrageously expensive! If you love bold pieces in your wardrobe, you have to check SEVEN out. (Nothing to do with Seven Jeans)

Kiki de Montparnasse– Sexy Sexy Lingerie…and Adult Toys. I am impressed with this “adult themed” store.  The Kiki de Montparnasse boutique combines sex and art in a very elegant way. Not only is the lingerie sexy and beautiful, but all the “intimate tools” are gracefully displayed.

In God We Trust-There are awesome clothes for both guys and gals. For a store so teensy tiny it really packs a punch. It just exudes cool. From the clothing (small, new designers) to the accessories (rabbit fur beanies, brass stud earrings, an assortment of bowties and leather motorcycle gloves) it’s worth the quick browse when you’re strolling along Ludlow.

Kiteya– Accessories, Cards & Stationery. An adorable Japanese store in SoHo that stays true to its origins! This store offers up the kind of selection you expect in Japan. Lots of little trinkets, bags, apparrel w/ Kimono/Japanese style fabrics and designs.

Google the Store names for the locations/hours etc.

Good Luck and have a blast Shopping in SOHO!


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