New Obsession…

29 Mar

Usually I obsess over new trends, debuting cars, shoes, and brand spankin’ new gadgets (uh hello, iPad 2) but there are times in the baby world where there is a product so awesome and kick butt that I can’t help myself. Well, I just had a baby 2 weeks ago, and I have been on the double stroller hunt for months…6 months to be exact. I didn’t want to make the same mistakes I did before. I bought the Quinny Buzz for my daughter and ended up unhappy…and it ended up on Craigs List.
So I found an expert to help..the Stroller Queen. I paid her a fee to help me hunt down the perfect stroller for all my needs. I took a quiz of about 10 questions. Like, How important is the fold? What type of area do you live in? Urban? Small Town? How much upper body strength do you have for lifting into a car, etc…
So we went back and forth for a week or so, after looking at tons of sites, reading blogs, watching tons of You Tube reviews, and asking millions of annoying questions, she finally found my perfect stroller.

The Stroll Air Duo!

Look at this beauty!

Here is some info about it and why I am now obsessed, and a Stroll Air Fan.
Basically it’s a side by side double buggy, but what makes it unique is that it can accommodate two full sized car seats onto the chassis.
Not that I personally need that but if you have twins then bingo! If you’re thinking that it will be impossibly wide, one of the seats mounts slightly lower than the other so it still manages to only be 29″ wide so easily glides through doorways. So that means I can go shopping in New York and get in and out of stores without getting myself all frazzled.
The fully rotating wheels make it easy to turn on a dime and it has fantastic manoeuvrability. My biggest issue with the Quinny Buzz was the front wheel, It would get stuck at the worst times!  So that was a big selling point to me, easy to move!
The air filled wheels make easy work of grass and mulched surfaces and the  wheels can be locked straight for even rougher terrain. It comes with two seats which can be positioned independently so that you could have your toddler facing forwards while your infant can face you. That was also a big selling point to me… I like the choice of having my kids face me. And I also Love the fact I can have a car seat attached or bassinet.
The seats have a fully flat recline which is quick and easy to adjust, as well as adjustable footrests and bumper bars. Each has a huge canopy to shade from the sun and comes with a mesh net and a rain cover. The handle bar can also be adjusted to suit the height of the adult carer and comes with a matching diaper bag.
It is easy to fold and has stand on end position in a half fold but when fully folded is very compact for a double buggy. Some serious thought has gone into the design of this Stroll Air double Stroller and for me it ticks all the boxes.

So if you have twins or 2 younger kids this is an amazing stroller! Even if you have a 3rd semi older child you can get the standing attachment. I can’t wait to get one!

Be sure to friend Stroll Air on Facebook too

They have contests randomly, who wouldn’t love to win a Duo? 😉


2 Responses to “New Obsession…”

  1. Far Daddy March 29, 2011 at 11:38 am #

    Nice! How small does it fold down to carry in the car?

  2. I am Ariella March 29, 2011 at 12:01 pm #

    Folds in half in two easy steps. (the seats can stay on the frame when folding!) It even has a standing fold if the handlebar is in the right place. If you fold back the footrests and baby bumper bars and fold the handlebar all the way up to the seats, it’s a rather compact package for a side-by-side double when folded. All four wheels also pop off quickly for an even more compact package.

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