Fanny Packs=Glam Packs

6 Apr

Ok, ok, I know.. Fanny Packs are for nerds. Right? I mean it’s always been a fashion NO WAY! But what if it’s Gucci? Does that help? or if you spot Rihanna rocking one? helping?

What is a fanny pack?
A fanny pack is a small fabric pouch with a zipper enclosure secured to the waist by a strap. Unfamiliar with the term, “fanny pack?” You may be more familiar with other words synonymous with fanny pack, such as bum bag, belt pack, belt bag, hip sack, hip pouch and hip pack.

Great fashion comes from the 80s …
Fanny packs took us by surprise in the 1980s. Although not your typical group of trend setters, this fashion accessory was introduced to us by mothers, fathers, tourists and anyone else wishing to simplify life with a hands-free purse. By the late 80s, everyone had one.

I personally don’t care who is wearing them in Hollywood, or if they are a nerdy tourists accessory. I love it! I think a well made, classy, trendy one can be really cute. Also not too large.. just a thin pack that semi looks like an oversized belt. There is a fine line, so you have to make sure your more fashiony then baby boomer at Disney Land with the kids. ehhhh yeah….

See, this LV one is kinda cute! A little large for me… but still it doesn’t look bad.

I dub the new term Glam packs! (Fashion Note: To be worn only in the day) ;0)


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