I just bought a NEW CAMERA!

26 May

I have to review this amazingly awesome camera.. The Sony Alpha NEX 3

Heres some quick info what is so special about it:

The Sony NEX-3 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera is the smaller sister model of the NEX-5. Both NEX cameras come with a 14.6 megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS and the mirrorless E-mount. They offer a high-resolution tilting screen, fast continuous shooting and HD video capture. The NEX-3 has a slightly larger plastic body (vs magnesium on the NEX-5), doesn’t come with an infrared remote receiver and only offers 720p HD video versus the NEX-5’s 1080i AVCHD movie recording.

However, in every other respect the NEX-3 is identical (and cheaper!) to the NEX-5. In iAuto mode the camera does a decent job for point-and-shoot users but where the NEX really shines is the PASM modes where you can take full advantage of the large, very capable sensor. The feature sets are impressive, as are the NEX’s portability and flexibility. The NEX is not a substitute for a DSLR but offers DSLR image quality without the bulk, which is exactly what I was looking for. My Canon is a monster, it will give you the best quality pictures you can get, but to bring that baby all over the world sometimes can be a hassle. So this is where the mirrorless technology comes in and is a life saver at times.

Mirrorless Cameras Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Compact (even pocketable) & light weight
  • Great out of the camera JPEG images
  • Longer focal range in X2 cropped factor cameras
  • Best to take when on vacation
  • Attracts less attention
  • Offers DSLR image quality (entry-level ones at least)
  • You family can shoot with it
  • Cool gimmicks for the hobbyist photographer


  • Lack of ergonomics for photographers with large hands…um… not me! 😉
  • Lost of balance when long telelphoto-zoom lenses are being used (I don’t mind)
  • Doesn’t look professional (if that’s what you need)
  • Lack of high-grade prime lenses
  • Shorter shutter life span
  • Not weather sealed

All in all… with all that said.. I LOVE MY NEX 3!
oh also, one REALLY cool feature is the panoramic photo option. All you do is hold the shutter button and swipe your camera 180 degrees in any direction and you get a panoramic photo!


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