Mobile Phone Lenses

26 May

I love Gadgets. I love Photogrpahy…I LOVE my cell phone…
soooo let’s put it all together now! You get….. interchangeable lenses!
I just bought 3 lenses for my iPhone. Wide-angle Lens, Marco Lens, and a 180′ Fish Eye Lens. The lenses can be used on most mobile phones with a camera.
I actually do use my iPhone to take a lot of photos. Especially while I am on vacation and don’t always have my camera right on hand, or I am too lazy to grab it out of the bag. And I will give the iPhone some cred, it does take pretty good pictures. Now, with these easy pop on magnetic lenses, I can get cool effects quickly. I bought the set from Photo JoJo an awesome online photography store. Gear and gifts for Photography minded people.

 This is the Macro Lens, which really get amazingly close to the subject. I took a picture of my sons eyelashes, and it came out crystal clear!
This is the Telephoto lens, you can get great range with this baby… it is absurdly bulky and not at all practical. So yes, I sort of love it. Plain and simple…If  your going for distance, it works!



One Response to “Mobile Phone Lenses”

  1. unpocorodriguez June 6, 2011 at 9:25 am #

    I luv it! I need to get me one!! I have the Samsung Memoir with the 8 mega pix. camera but it is nothing compared to yours!

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