Hi, my name is Ariella.

This was me…Once, on a windy blue day…
I used to model for many years, travel, and have a crazier then normal life style… It definitely was a fun ride. Parties, celebs, free clothing, photo shoots, events, sleeping in till 1pm, lounging around the hotel pool, drinking mojitos… yeeeeah, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy myself! It was a blast!
You can’t go on living this exact lifestyle forever…..can you? (hint-uh, NO!)  Eventually you’re ready to explore the other side. Marriage, buying your first (or 2nd) home, kids, mini vans, ballet class, Violin lessons, Dora obsession… and all that come along with this crazy package deal.

Called LIFE!
(amazing awesome spectacular fulfilling life) 

This Blog is designed for us women who are still that posh, amazing, stylish diva.. yet now with even more glitter. A husband, kids, house, job, and a full-blown daily routine … Sometimes these things can get overwhelming but if we learn to find balance and take care of ourselves, it can all work!  And we can continue to be that sexy, fun (productive) Bombshell!

Ariella’s Interests

My Children…I love crafting, coloring, painting, creating, teaching, showing, running, jumping, shaking my booty, splashing, frolicking…….and sooo much more. Having children is a blast and brings out the good in me! After being in a world of who’s who, backstabbers, fakes and ego filled people. I can say my kids saved me! Brought me back to earth, to what’s real and what matters. They bring me joy and light. Everyday I laugh, smile, giggle, hug, kiss and love someone over and over… What the heck is better than that!

 Fashion.. My husband and I own Clothing Stores in NYC. If you ever heard of the Limelight night club… well… that’s now our store.  As a little girl I loved scanning through my mothers Vogue and was always interested in the new trends, after being a model it opened up my eyes even more, helped me experiment more, take more fashion risks/mistakes and also connect with tons of people in the industry! It’s something that always seems to be in my life. In one way or another.

Beauty.. Well you would think that is goes hand in hand with Fashion BUT the Beauty world is freakin HUGE! I am a licensed Esthetician since 2006 and used to run 2 Medical Spas in Philadelphia. I love the beauty industry, always new and innovative products and lots to keep up with. It can get expensive but I know a few tricks of the trade!

Cooking/Food.. I always had an interest in cooking. I never had people to really cook for, as a single gal I mostly went out to dinner and wined and dined with my girlfriends..I do consider myself a bit of a foodie. I Love searching Yelp for the best restaurants and hidden gems of the city. But now I do have a family to cook for! So I started taking cooking classes, buying up cooking books, and ordered a few cooking mags. Slowly but surely I am making my way around the kitchen, and it’s slowly but surely tasting better and better!

Cake Decorating… This is a new hobby of mine. I have always been in awe of people who could create crazy stacked cakes with intricate details. I always seem to catch myself stuck on “Cake Boss” or these type of shows on the Food Network…(which by the way is my favorite channel) I have slowly starting teaching myself different techniques. I have tons more to learn but it’s a hobby.. so it is meant to be FUN! It makes me happy to create cool cakes for my family. Always planning the next cake creation.

Photography.. Always loved and always will love taking great photos, whenever I travel I always have my camera by my side.
I recently started keeping a camera in our kitchen at all times… it’s the hub of the house, everyone always seems to gather there and we spend 75% of our time in the kitchen, not just for eating but it’s our craft room, dance room, water table room, play dough center.. whatever is messy.. it’s in the kitchen… so the camera is there to catch all that goes down. I also have been starting to learn about Food photography.. so great way to catch my fresh yummy dishes.

Gadgets… Rice Cooker, iPad, iPhone, Bread Maker, Popcorn Maker, Mirror-less Camera, Nespresso Machine, Electric Skillet.. whatever Gadget is new and out..I’m in! I have 3 darn crockpots…

These are just a few topics my blog will contain… including other interests of mine- architecture, travel, adventure and religion…Not to mention my world as a Mother. What I have learned thus far, the bumps along the way and all the stinky diapers you can imagine!

Few Facts About Ariella:

-Lived in Clearwater Florida, New Jersey (North & South) & Pennsylvania
-Needs Coffee to Survive
-Was raised Buddhist and then converted to Judaism at age 22
-Visit Israel twice a year and plan to move one day- B’H’
-Owned my own organic soap company called Buba Soap
-Obsessed with Bento!
-Traveld a bunch- Granada, Costa Rica, London, France, Israel, Germany, Dominican, etc
-Was in the Fashion Section of the New York Times-C0ver!
-Have my Real Estate licence & Esthetics license
-Own a Online Business- Ariella’s Closet- (Now Closed)
-Worked as a VIP Manager for a Nightclub
-Used to be a vegetarian for many years, and now eat Kosher
-Featured on CBS’s The Early Show
-Has a wonderful hardworking husband, and 3 amazing children, who I adore!



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