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Mama’s Boy

28 Mar

and that he is. Just like I like it.
Here is my little man, enjoying the heck out of some yogurt.
Don’t be shy…. SMILE!


Random Thoughts

27 Mar

Occasionally I have a post with an array of topics. It’s when I have one of those do everything days. That’s today. I don’t know if it’s the 2 cups of iced coffee or the gospel music playing…. yeeeah… sometimes that happens… AMEN KIRK FRANKLIN! (I’m serious.. if you need some Redbull just listen to Gospel= same effect, Just don’t let your Jewish husband catch you singing “Ohhhh Jesus!”)  So enjoy my home organizing, cooking, muffin making, book loving, puzzle reviewing, explosion called Tuesday. wait.. It’s Tuesday right?

This is during breakfast- Peanut Butter Face

Making Pesto Pasta with Cherry Tomatos… boil…

Add Olive Oil to Pesto Powder.. few spoons.. to your liking..

Chop your tomatoes…

Toss. It’s super simple. Super easy, healthy and my Husband loves it. ❤

Also made Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins with a Wilton Heart Pan.. when you flip the hearts over you have this perfect place for a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This was a request from the Man of the House…

2 Books I am obsessing over right now.  I just discovered The Pioneer Woman‘s blog which saved my life (& wallet) with a homemade Iced Coffee recipe- AMAZING. Love her book, full of colorful photos & goes with you step by step so you visually see. Cake Pops is from another blogger Bakerella— Thanks Sis! It was a birthday present and I love this one as well. I love baking and decorating cakes so this is super cute. Lots of ideas for upcoming holidays and birthdays.

My kids were fighting over a Melissa & Doug puzzle non stop so I had to hide it until I bought another one.. Now life is good. They are latch puzzles, they love opening each little door and placing the magnetic puzzle pieces in. My son is 1 and my daughter is 2.5 so this is great for all age ranges.

People LOVE Pinterest.

22 Mar

And so do I.
Follow me! See my crazy imagination live and in person!

Ariella Adika on Pinterest


5 Mar

Well… Life is crazy. Don’t we all know that?
With 2 kids under 2.. yes both STILL! in diapers….( My daughter isn’t getting on the Potty band wagon as fast as I thought) opening a new business, running myself ragged… I am back blogging. Who doesn’t love a crazy, busy, Mom on the lose? That’s what life is all about!  Well…. we did have some fun while I was away 🙂

Baby Ori Growing Up!

Big Girl Maya Exploring

Welcome to Ariella’s World

26 Oct

Welcome to my Life Blog/Online Diary!

There will be lots to blog about soon enough… just need to fill in the final touches esthetically.. and then we are off to diapers, high heels, playdates, fashion crisis, day care options, deals and steals, and all the great things Mom’s come to love …and hate at times! This is a blog for hip, trendy, up to date (or want to be) Mom’s with sex appeal and know what they are working with!

Get ready for a fun ride!



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