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Beauty Box

26 Oct

I love beauty products. What women doesn’t?
If you read the “About Ariella” section you will know I am a licensed esthetician and have been in the beauty industry for years. I even ran a NYC Med-Spa a few years back.
So of course I adore New Beauty mag it comes 4x a year chock full of beauty info. From lotions, lasers, to lipo.. it covers it all full spectrum.
I recently decided to opt for the Test Tubes that they send out with the Mag.. it’s $29.99 per box… I just received my first box and snapped a photo of all the fun stuff it included. So Far I like, and can’t wait for the next box! If you love new products but don’t want to spring for a full size $175 dollar bottle of lotion this might be for you, they come in tester sizes, sometimes larger and do last a few weeks, and if you really do adore the product then you can go right ahead a purchase knowing what you are getting! My husband and I love the program and the posh goodies!


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