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Monthly Shoe Clubs

26 Oct

I hate to admit it..but I am a member of 2..yes, 2 Monthly Shoe clubs. It took me awhile to sign up. Lots of research and questions, is it worth it? are the shoes cheap? are they all made in China? are they even cute? Lots of questions on my end. But finally after all my research, and hearing the good bad and ugly, I went and signed up anyway. Evil shoes have a hold on me!

Well it’s not as serious as it sounds.. The Monthly shoe club offer is this.. In the begining of the month they send you a few options. It varys from site to site, but about 5-10 options of shoes. This is after you take a quiz determining your fashion personality. If you don’t like any of the selections they sent you, you can ask for a batch of new shoes. If you still aren’t ticked by anything you see you simple skip the month and pay nothing. So it’s not as if you are tied into anything. No contracts, no monthly bill. It is only if you actually pick a shoe then you will be charged. The 2 sites I am on are very similar, $39.95 per item. They give you choices of shoes, jewlery and handbags. And during the month sometimes a secret item like a scarf, watch, whatever they pick.  The shoes are.. well.. cheap but cute and trendy. I am pretty sure they are all made in China.

Eventually if they have a higher end shoe club it will be amazing! With designer brands and quality shoes, wow I can just imagine…that might start lots of fight between my husband and I after he sees my Amex bill..so maybe the $39.95 club is safer!

Here are the 2 sites:




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